Be it Tibetan monks or genius composers; at some point, they’ll say that you should see the world to gain experience and be more mature. Does that include taking predators for a stroll in Africa?


Marcello Arrambide, a renowned futures trader, traveler and blogger shared one of his most unforgettable travel adventures -taking cheetahs for a stroll in Zambia. Either he has a serious problem or the animals were already tame. Thankfully, it’s the latter. Nevertheless, walking even one cheetah known to be the fastest animal sprinter, grants you some bragging rights. Learn more about his awesome adventures as he explores the world via


How about you? Do you have the cojones to do the same thing? For Marcello, walking one cheetah was not enough, so he decided to take two on a stroll namely, Suzie and Magaiza.

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