Much like Arizona, the Brazilian state of Tocantins showcases an arid micro-region called Jalapao that is noted for its dramatic landscapes. Due to this, it was featured in the Survivor TV series (US version). Learn more about this place and its must-see attractions below.


If you decide to explore Jalapao, you will be greeted with orange sand dunes, fast-flowing rivers and streams, towering rock formations and unique plants and animals. For an expert travel review for Jalapao, proceed to Adventure enthusiasts are often the frequent visitors of this region.


According to Wikipedia, “The region is a destination for adventure tourism and ecotourism, with the main attractions in Mateiros, Novo Acordo, Ponte Alta and Sao Felix… The Mumbuca and Prata villages, formerly quitombo, let tourists experience the local culture. The Serra do Espiritu is an interesting rock formation.”

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